Fan the Flame

Fan the Flame Master Class Series

Wouldn’t it be great if we could rewind the clock and relive the classroom learning experiences, we all had during our time at Lee? We agree!

With that in mind, The Fan the Flame Master Class series was created as an exclusive resource for our 1918 Society members. This incredible virtual series will give you the opportunity to be taught by your favorite professor once again. It will also allow you to take the class you always wished you could have, but, it just never fit into your class schedule.

Because this collection of lectures highlights the “best of the best” teachers on our campus in disciplines including, cinema, business, healthcare, theology, psychology, education, and history just to name a few, you can be challenged to learn something new and exciting in a different field of study. We have also included a variety of episodes that focus on healthy living, including nutrition and recreation, as a resource to you and your family. We will continue to build Master Class library adding new topics and lifestyle segments.

We hope the Fan the Flame Master Class series will become an important lifelong learning resource for our members!

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