“My Lee experience has been uniquely great beyond what I could’ve expected as an incoming freshman. Involved alumni have had a huge part to play as their Lee stories continuously set the stage for my Lee story to encapsulate my personal development as a young leader, student, and Christ follower. The generous hearts of alumni to share their time, resources, and relational investments have made a huge difference in my life at Lee.”

“My journey at Lee has equipped me with more than just a quality, faith-based education. Lee’s thriving student engagement, amazing staff, and bountiful resources have restored my confidence and empowered me to pursue and obey God’s sovereign plan for my life. I could not be more grateful for everyone that has led me to the school, community, and home that I have found in Lee.”

“Lee University has helped me find a second home after my first one was destroyed. I know that this is credited to not only the staff and people here at Lee but alumni who continuously give to make Lee what it is! I am super thankful that they give, because without them, Lee may not look and feel the way it does!”